About me

I am an art director and graphic designer with a beating heart for illustration. Today i work with clients in both advertising, art and publishing. I offer services in art directing, graphic design, digital production, illustration, final art and concept design. I offer a wide range of art based services, paintings, as well as murals. For this, i got the Culture Award in Stockholm at 2017.

Some of my recent and current clients: Hilton Hotels, Scandic, Doos Architects, Holiday Inn, Gekås Tidning, Kungsmässan Magazine, Pax skor, Täby Galleria, Gamla Uppsala, Linköping kommun, Täby Galleria, HOOPS Brewery Tokyo, Max Ström förlag, No Nationality, Opticus, BOLON, Kinnarp AB and Oddbirds Ab.

I grew up in the Swedish countryside with an artist father and began at an early age to draw and express my self though paintings and sketches. As a natural step i dedicated my life to communicating through art and visuals. I began freelancing at the age of 19, and progressed to working for an advertising agency to owning my own firm -with projects spread throughout Europe, such us in Scandinavia, Paris, Milan and Brussels.

In a digital world, i find the beauty of handmade illustration key to my work, as it is honest and interesting. Although i am skilled in digital editing, it will always be used as a final tool. Humour, spirit, and in many cases a dash of satire, runs like a red line through my artwork, as in life